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Product families

Gli Specialisti line is composed of three families that are divided 23 products. The product packaging is clear, easy to read and of immediate identification. Each product family has its own color:

  • BLUE for the MURAL PAINTINGS line
  • RED for the JACKETS line

A range of products designed specifically for professionals, matched with professional products, structured in terms of application cycles and with a dedicated Tinting System (HBX):

Gli Specialisti are at the cutting edge
of the entire Kelly Color production

Presented to our collaborators at the beginning of 2000, the brand Gli Specialisti was born on the basis of market considerations that take into account the operators needs and the evolution of distribution formulas. The market for applicators, enterprises and designers, in fact, has specific requirements of products with high technical content, reasoned in terms of application cycles, proposed in specific formats and with an essential and clear packaging. Resellers require, in turn, the best product quality, the best assistance in technical and commercial terms and more efficient IT support and communication.
Conscious of the particularities of this market, Kelly Color created Specialists , a wide range exclusively dedicated to professionals.