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Kelly Color for about twenty years has successfully produced paints and coatings for decoration: in 1991 it launched on the market, its first decorative paint called "Tricolor", a fabulous multi-colored matt coating, which was inspired by the product "Alfatone". Ever since then, our company has sensed the huge potential and the important development that these paintings would have had in the world of COLORS, both in the professional than in the Do-it-yourself market. All this for the need of persons to make their environments more and more unique and with precious and chromatic harmonies. Kelly Color today, has a range of 18 innovative decorative paints and coatings , high quality and easy to use (glazes, luminescent, pearlescent, metallic effects, silk finish, spatula marmorini etc.), for which it studied more than 50 applications and many others can be proposed, because these products do not set limits to imagination and creative abilities of people using them.